10 May

Applying The Concept Of Membership To OKFN

Because I started my Online volunteering in Ubuntu Community, that means that is part of the Open Source community and there is something that I had a feeling that I worked towards (along with other things, of course).  That something is the concept of membership.  It’s the benefits of being recognized for significant, sustained, continued, credibility, the seriousness, and the commitment of my contributions rather than the tangle perks the Ubuntu membership gives me.

To my knowledge, the Open Source Foundation and other Linux distro communities (GNOME and KDE are two).   But for awhile, my thoughts of this concept moved onto the Open Knowledge Foundation Network (OKFN).  To me, OKFN is the meta-community of everything that is not Open Source (A.K.A working groups).  Open Science, Open Data, Open Access, and Open Economy are a few examples.  While I don’t know how many people are active within the working groups, I feel a concept of the membership could help the OKFN working groups.

My idea for this is, since most of the working groups are non-developers code-wise, that there can be a board for two timeslots to judge applicants.  Also, there is should be IRC meeting for questions and cheering during the meeting rather then using a mailing list.    I have no ideas what the perks could be.

I don’t know how well this idea could go within/for the OKFN but it’s still a possibility.


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