04 Feb

January 2017 Update

If anyone noticed that I tend to post at least two (2) blog posts per month, but the month of January 2017 was different.  My blog was down for a half of December 2016 and most of January 2017.  But that didn’t stop me from creating posts- just in a different way!  Through my vBlogs and AudioBlogs.

As I said on my AudioBlog Episode 1, here are the updates and some that I forgot to add:

  • As of now, my Ubuntu volunteer work will be on hold.  This is partly due to the fact that I’m still dealing with burntout and I’m out of ideas on how grow the Community.
  • On behalf of the general admins of Linux Padawn, we have sadly closed the site and program down due to the fact that nothing is happening.  Linux Padawan is just another dead project.
  • Over the month of January, I started to think about leadership within the Open * communities.  This started when I found out that Mozilla Foundation is hosting a leadership mentoring program in March in which I applied to but as a co-leader/project manager looking to be partnered up.  I might not make in but I may be able to find some project to be apart of.
    • I also am working on adding more to their leadership training series, which is a training series on the open practices of being a leader along with GitHub being used as a tool.
  • So far, I’m liking my Pebble Time although the Ubuntu (Touch) has issues reconnecting back to the watch if the disconnection is longer than five (5) minutes.  Most of the time when this happens a simple factory reset on the watch is needed and it will not delete anything that you have downloaded from the phone to the watch, just the data that is stored on the watch.  I also advise to forget the connection before factory reset.

And that’s all, thanks for reading!

15 Mar

Be My Patreon!

Like many people who create things, I joined the Patreon bandwagon.  If anyone doesn’t want donate this way, please tell me so I can set up a Paypal account for other donations.

Hopefully,  Patreon and the money can help me while I job seek for a job witjhin the biology/chemistry lab tech world and also motivate me into building the Ubuntu Community and maybe branch out.

EDIT: I fixed the link, sorry about that. 😛

31 Jan

Ubuntu Membership News: New Page Wiki Added

Today, I added a new wiki page in the Ubuntu Membership board area called Best Practices.  This page will hold guides on how to apply, what to expect, ect. from those who, in the past, applied.  Right now, it only has the blog post that I wrote about the lessons that I learned when I applied about this time last year.

Hopefully this page can help the new applicants.

P.S. Thank you wxl for this idea.

24 Apr

Introducing “The Sense of Openness”

As I said in this post, I renamed “The Ubuntu Sense”, to (drum roll please) to “The Sense of Openness”. I started with voluteering in the Ubuntu in July 2013 and within six months, I recieved my Ubuntu Memebership. But I started to extend invoulment into Open Science, since I’m a biologist. I noticed that I started to post/talk about non-Ubuntu things on my everything-Ubuntu-related blog and decided to open up a “new” (I imported my old one) one that emcompasses everything that is Open * related. Also, I’m keeping the “sense” theme.

To accomplish this, before exporting the old content from the old blog, I organized the categories into six main ones (that may change, as I have some that I’m not sure of) and within the categories, I have sub-categories that relate to the groups that I’m in (Ubuntu Women in Ubuntu and Center of Open Science in Open Science are two examples). This will allow me to only use categories for RSS feeds for the Planets in order to stay on topic.

Also, I broke down my “About” page into three pages, one that explains who I am, one for FOSS, and one for Open Science.  These pages will explain what the topic is, what groups that I am in, and what roles, that I take up, in those groups are.  These pages will act like my “resume” because I want to show the world what I have done within the communities and my skills, as it’s scattered around the web.

I want to thank Rafael Laguna for creating me the logos (wordless and with words) below:

logo2 logo

13 Apr

The Ubuntu Sense is Going to Renamed!

Over the last months, I written posts about other things that aren’t related to Ubuntu but still related to Open * (Open Science mainly).  Over the weekend, I decided to get a new domain with Gandi.net and I working with Jason O, a friend of Phill Whiteside, on setting up a self-hosted WordPress for the new domain.  I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  • I want to use my Ubuntu Membership perks to their fullest potential and get a discount
  • I want to rename the blog to something that encompasses a larger scope that I am focusing on
  • I want to play around with plug ins and other features of the self-hosted WordPress
  • I want to have a personal website that can be also professional
  • And the only “I don’t”, is I don’t want to pay that extra $15 to map the domain to my WordPress blog

I said that I have the domain but I didn’t say what the name is- that’s a secret (only between me and Jason) until the new site is up and running!

12 Mar

Center for Open Science Workshop at University of Cincinnati

The main library of university that I go to, University of Cincinnati, hosted a workshop from Center for Open Science on March 12th.  The workshop was over reproducible research practices and how can Open Science help it- mainly with the Center of Open Science’s framework.  Since I’m a (clueless) biology undergrad with barely any research experience, I learned a lot from it and new things, again mainly with their framework.

I heard of the Center and their framework about a year ago and I had no clue of how to test it or even use it for something.  But after this workshop, I think I may have an idea for a personal or a Ubuntu Scientists (or another Open Science group) project to work on improving/teaching documentation for research or another aspect/step of the process.  I also want to figure out how to do outreach also.

23 Oct

Ubuntu 14.10

Today was the release day of Ubuntu 14.10, code-named “Utopic Unicorn” and my only thoughts are going to this gif from the movie, Despicable Me:

Really, I do think it’s fluffy and awesome!  The only  two features that I noticed that I was able to upgrade from 14.04 to 14.10 without any issues on both of my computers.  That is a first for me.  The other one is the updated icons for the folders of the videos and downloads.  Those do look better than the old ones.

The only thing that I don’t like is that the Unity notifications for new messages is too small.  I hope there is a way to tweak that.

P.S. I did go to the Online release party but I didn’t really enjoy my time since there was too much chatter but it was still fun nagging the bot with !isitout. 😉