16 Aug

What Has Shaped my Writing?

Off and on for maybe ten years, I journaled on different topics in four or five notebooks/composition books, although never gotten to the last page filled on all but maybe one. And I still do but not so often as I used to or want to. But I’m trying to get that going again to the point where I bought a sweet cover for my new comp book from Sonya Benson Quilts a few days ago:

2016-08-16 16.06.17

Sorry, somehow WordPress doesn’t allow me to rotate the photo!

One of the first topics that I wrote about is what has shaped my writing or more like what has caused me to write, just as an insight for you all:


Random fact (that I forgot to write about) is that also writing in a comp book got to me write almost 100% of the time in pen.

12 Jun

No More Ugly Rat’s Nest of Wires!

Owning a desktop computer sucks because of the massive amount of wires that comes with it.  Wires for power for the computer and monitor, ethernet, webcam, ect.  Oh my!

At one time, I just had them on the floor but that made it impossible to vacuum  the floor.  At another time (below), I used a plastic storage bin that I used some empty Naked juice cases from work to hold it off the floor.  That was too ugly for me and still hard to vacuum and it required me to tape the wires to my desk.

But now (after), I’m using my file cabinet that I hardly use (just basic storage) and it’s much cleaner.  I took this idea from Lifehacker where someone used a nightstand for this.

Doesn’t remind anyone of those storage bins for video game platforms?  It’s the basic idea behind my new system.


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10 Nov

Why is my Workflow the Way it is?

As I said in my last post, I’m trying to find a program that suits my workflow in terms of being organized.  In this quote:

My plan on how to use Zim [Wiki] is as followed:

  • I will use notebooks to keep related stuff together.  Example: All of my Ubuntu stuff in a nokebook called, “Ubuntu”.
  • Within notebooks, minus the “Pickle Jar”, I will use pages as major categories.  Example: I have a “Ubuntu Sense” page within my “Ubuntu” notebook.
  • Within major categories (as pages), I will use sub-pages as the “pages”. Example: I have a “Things to Blog On” sub-page in my “Ubuntu Sense” page.
  • […]
  • I will use a “Pickle Jar” notebook for random thoughts just has David Seah does [both links removed].

The first four are things that seem to stay with me no matter what program I use, so I know those things are set in stone but the program that I use isn’t.

The quote is talking about how I organize things within the notebooks themselves.

Today, I was thinking on why I organize my “notes” this way instead of just having .odt or .txt files.  What I believe is that I taking some of the ideas that I was forced to do in middle school into high school, which was to have binders (or one mega binder) for each subject and within each binder, have a divider for the subcategories that was required for that subject.  Within those dividers, the notes, handouts, ect would be placed.  What I’m doing is trying to recreate that in a digital setting in order to get closer to my “be closely 100% digital”.