24 Oct

Don’t Feed the Giant Octopus!

This Giant Octopus that I’m talking about is GOOGLE.  Google has it’s giant arms everywhere in the tech world and it’s mind is only on one thing: PRIVACY INVASION.

Today, I read a post by Oli Warner about Paypal’s app on the android and the permissions that it requires the user to accept when installing or updating (see image on right, credit Oil).  Google is the only one that tells the developers that you must allow these permissions when the app is installed.  This allows developers to easily take your data, or even a hacker, and use that data and do whatever they want with it.  That is a huge risk that people are taking when they don’t read the permissions when they install/update.

I ask to protect from Google’s evil and use CyanogenMod with it’s Privacy Guard or some other app that protects you.  Or even better, install F-droid and go Google free. Also, please use Firefox, not Chrome.

There are other evils that Google has but that will be another post for another day.

P.S Read THIS also.

P.S.S.: I want to thank Oli for posting his post.  It’s one thing that I was ranted on but never really wrote a post about the issue.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Giant Octopus!

  1. I take that back – I re-read your post and Oli’s post and I understand the point of contention you’re voicing. Google definitely needs to provide a better mechanism for enabling application permissions.

  2. OmniROM is the way to go, more community-focused and better than Cyanogenmod. My only cell phone EVER (first got a cell phone in March 2014) runs OmniROM with no Google Apps.

  3. You’ve expressed the view that one should go “Google free” but you use Google yourself quite a lot. This site has a lot of trackers, some of them Google-related. Care to explain?

    • Sorry for the delayed response, but there is some stuff that no one really can’t escape from using certain things of Google. I can’t escape from have to use Google’s tracking services because I don’t own my own sever to host my blog or watching videos from YouTube. Does that make sense?

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