07 Aug

Going All The Way (With Ubuntu)!

A few months back, I brought a Nexus 4 and put Ubuntu Touch on it.  Shortly after, my life got hectic for me and I haven’t had to chance to find another carrier, since I had PagePlus, a CDMA carrier and the Nexus 4 is a  GSM phone (opps, I didn’t do my homework before buying the Nexus 4!!!).  A week ago, me and my dad looked at the various GSM carriers and found a off-the-beaten-road carrier called Ultra.me.  For $19, I can get unlimited minutes and text, and 100 MB of  4G data (and 1500 international minutes).  I know the data is barely anything, but for me, I’m always around WiFi and not really on the go, it’s perfect for me.  Plus, with Ultra.me I can buy more data- 500MB for $5, 1GB for $10, and 2GB for $20.

Anyways, enough with tech part of this post.  I wanted to say that I have fully switched over to Ubuntu as my primary OS for all of my devices.  I’m used to having Ubuntu on my computer but as a phone and tablet, it will be a experience that I will report on on my blog.  I’m looking for the coolness factor from everyone that sees me use it but I’m also ready to face problems.

I’m ready for this.

P.S. Oh, if you want to know what I was paying for PagePlus, it was $12 for 250 minutes and texts and 10 MB of data.  Again, I was okay with that.

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