15 Dec

Google Glasses

I was lucky enough to run into someone at my work (I work a grocery store) who has Google Glasses.  And I was lucky enough to stop him before he was leaving to ask him if he had them.  The coolest part was that I was allowed to try them on for a minute or so.

Design wise, they are just like your normal eye glasses, but they don’t have lens in the frame save for a small square window for the screen.  I didn’t like that small window, it’s too hard to get my eye focused on that window.  But with practice, that could be a different story, though I think it would be nice if the screen took up the whole left side of the frame.  To me, that would be less of an eye strain but it would look awkward.

It’s a cool piece of technology but as my brother said today when I told him about them, he said that it makes people too dependant on the glasses to do what they need to be done.  That might be true.

Would I test a pair longer for a minute?  Maybe.

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