20 Mar

Having a @ubuntu.com E-Mail Address: A Lesson Learned

Okay, this “lesson(s) learned” blog post might be a weird one but what happened to me is asking me to write this.

A few days ago, out of the blue, guess who offers me a job?  Google!  A recruiter from Google e-mails me offering me a job that requires coding and the problem is that I have no skill.  For some reason, I Tweet the news and the reply from pleia2.

The lesson that I learned from this is have your wiki userpage and launchpad page up to date and even include something of your skills. This is what I wrote:

NOTE: I’m only a Ubuntu Community member, not a developer/coder. I use Ubuntu Linux to get away from Windows and Mac. I’m a biologist that will most likely do research not developing programs.

I hope this helps for the ones who don’t develop or code.

6 thoughts on “Having a @ubuntu.com E-Mail Address: A Lesson Learned

  1. I wouldn’t say “only” a Community Member, the work you do is just as important as those of developers and coders! 🙂

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