26 Sep

How Could MDN Be Used For Web Lit

Hello from Open Con!  In the first session of the day, the Mozilla Developer Network was presented about.  While it says “developer” in the name, it’s for people who want to also shape the open web.  This can be implied for web lit also.  Using the MDN to write articles on how to create things (such as blogs, sites, etc.), it will allow more people to create things.  I found a page that outlines this that needs help!

2 thoughts on “How Could MDN Be Used For Web Lit

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  2. Belsina,

    I think MDN is perfectly suited for web literacy work. Specifically MLN (Mozilla Learning Network) should lean on MDN (Mozilla Development Network) to serve up content.

    There should be a link back to relevant articles on the MDN wiki in all canonical curriculum. This should include the topic at and at least one link to a “level up” topic not covered in the lesson.

    Then I think MDN needs to leverage Thimble. There should be a brief tutorial project included in every wiki article. So if I am reading about variables in Javascript there is a link to a project that allows me to practice the skill being covered.

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