16 Jan

How To Do: Get An E-Mail Service to Send with Another Address on Thunderbird

There is a reason behind this How To Do post and the reason is the news that I will share with you.  As of January 16, 2014, this site is on it’s own domain!  It now holds the ubuntusense.com name.  I brought the domain from WordPress, well did it with them, and I gained five e-mail addresses to use for forwarding to my personal e-mail account.  I’m using one (belkinsa@ubuntusense.com) as my everything that is Ubuntu related e-mail address, inducing mailing lists.  What allowed me to do this is the fact that you can set a secondary e-mail with Yahoo!. I believe that you can do this also with the other major e-mail services.  So, I made that @ubuntusense.com e-mail address my primary and that allowed me to send with this e-mail with Thunderbird.  You can do this via “Settings” for your e-mail on Thunderbird and you change the “Default Identity” e-mail address to the e-mail address you want and you can also add a new address and use that as a secondary e-mail address.

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