18 Apr

Job Seeking: Lab Assistant Position

As promised from these two Tweets:

— Svetlana Belkin (@senseopenness) April 14, 2016

I posted the thread both on OKFN Open Science’s mailing-list and Mozilla Science Lab’s mailing list:


Sorry for cross-posting.

I’m job seeking for a lab assistant position within someone’s lab that practices Open Science with in the USA. I have a BS in biology with the focus of cellular and molecular biology. I wish to get hired by one of these labs because I wish to learn more about the practices of Open Science in order to understand how to help our Communities.

Please feel free to reply to this thread or send me an off-list reply.

Thank you.

Svetlana Belkin
A.K.A: belkinsa
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Anyone is welcome to post here or e-mail me at belkinsa@ubuntu.com.  Thank you!

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