09 Jul

Membership Board Member Interviews: Torsten Franz

Pardon for the format of this post.

The Ubuntu Membership Board is responsible for approving new Ubuntu members.   I interviewed our board members in order for the Community to get to know them better and get over the fear of applying to Membership.

The fourth interviewee is Torsten Franz:

What do you do for a career?

I work in a Quality Assurance team for a webshop as teamlead in Hamburg,
Germany. My mission is to help the developer to make a good job and that
we don't have too many bugs in our software.

What was your first computing experience?

I think I have played Tetris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris) or
something like that on my Schneider PC – a computer without a hard

How long have you been involved with Ubuntu?

The first time I installed an Ubuntu system was in 2006. Since 2007 I
use Ubuntu as my primary operation system.

Since you are all fairly new to the Board, why did you join?

I have join the board cause I want to serve the Ubuntu community. For a
long time I only make Ubuntu tasks in the German Community. At the
beginning at this year I want to change it and make a little bit more
for the international Ubuntu Community. And here I am. 🙂

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on in Ubuntu over the years?

I work in the German Ubuntu community and there the most time in the
official community website ubuntuusers.de in the forum and for the news
section. In the past I have worked in the project communtu which make
individual Ubuntu program installations. A little bit of my time I spent
in the German translation team, in supporting on different forums and in
re-testing bugs. Since years I also make the German UbuCon and I was
speaker on a few linux conferences. And many more.

What is your focus in Ubuntu today?

Today, I work in the German Ubuntu forum ubuntuusers.de and I am the
president of the ubuntu Deutschland e.V. That is an association, which
supports the German Ubuntu activities. I also do a lot of things with my
Ubuntu phone and help other in the forum with their Ubuntu phones.

Do you contribute to other free/open source projects? Which ones?

Nothing to talk about it. I think the most things have to do with

If you were to give a newcomer some advice about getting involved with Ubuntu, what would it be?

That depends on the person. Some are good in testing, so they can test
Ubuntu. Some are good in explaining things, so they can write article
for the wiki or they can translate. Than there is a good photographer
and I ask him to make photos by the UbuCon. There are many things to do
– and many people do something.

Do you have any other comments else you wish to share with the community?

Yes. For me is a very import thing that Ubuntu is not only a operation
system. Ubuntu is a philosophy. If you don't know that, please read this
article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28philosophy%29 and think
about it.

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