24 Apr

My Dream Job

I Twitted this awhile ago today:

and I thought I need to explain more in depth what my dream job is. Hopefully, what I write down is not that far-fetched for a job that exists.

What I want to do is to tie in my hobbies, computers, Ubuntu/FOSS, and the sense of community in these communities and what I do for them, and my degree that I’m getting, which is BS in biology with molecular and cellular biology as the focus.  The closest thing that I have in mind is a Community Manager type of job, just like Jono Bacon is looking for. I want to use my other skills that I gained from being involved with the Ubuntu Community, mainly running a WordPress Blog, editing MoinMoin wiki pages, and driving projects. The only skills that I lack are the coding/scripting skills and command line but I’m willing to learn those.

Even though I manage a team in the Ubuntu Community called Ubuntu Scientists, the team’s aim is different then my dream job since it’s aim is to have a network of scientists that use Ubuntu/Linux and have resources to help them.  Also, I hate to say this but I want to be paid for my work so I can have a living.

While money is the issue, it’s not the only one.  The other major issue is I think I will not be happy if I was a lab tech or even (if I go for my Masters or PhD) as a researcher.  I want to do both, community management and still work as a biologist.

If you have a position, please contact me at belkinsa@ubuntu.com or comment below.  You may also make a connection with on LinkedIn.

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