10 Nov

New Project: Writing Interactive Fiction

Over the last six(6) – eight(8) years, I tired to write fiction that could be published.  It’s an off and on thing but it’s something that I want to do.  But today, I had another thought: why not instead of having it just on paper or in e-book format, but why not have it interactive, like a choose your own?  Two reasons why I (now) what to do this: 1) have reason to code in Python and 2) allow users to choose their own paths and interact with the environment of that story.  I know that the text-based games such as Armageddon MUD (the one that I play) or what’s code-based is based off of, DikuMUD.  Before I want to dig deep in coding, I have a question (since I don’t know any):

Thank you.

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