31 Dec

New Years Resolutions: The 2014 Edition

Most of my goals are usually cycle to cycle as in this post, but there are some that don’t relate to my involvement in the Ubuntu Community.  Most of this goals deal with gaining a greater understanding of the Linux world and a bit of developer/coder world.

My resolutions are:

  • Learn Python
  • Learn command line
  • Test Ubuntu Touch

Hopefully, I can get all three done for 2014 and other awesome things for the Ubuntu Community and the Linux world.


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: The 2014 Edition

  1. In that order for first two?

    I would suggest hold up Python part and expand the second, command-line + shell scripting. Shell scripting is more useful for many tasks especially for maintaining your Linux.

    Sometimes, I wish Python or any language had Bash’s Brace Expansion. Of course, there is something shell can’t do well, especially in terms of performance.

    Learn shell scripting as starting point is better in my opinion.

    Think about what tasks can be done in CLI fashion and implement those if there is no such programs have been done already, but 99% probably does.

    Have terminal window all the time, stay away GUI programs, meaning uninstalling.That’s one way you can do and learn more about CLI.

    My only all-time GUI program is web browser, I am not a so hard-core CLI user, but I do know someone is.

    May the command force be with you in 2014!

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