12 Jun

No More Ugly Rat’s Nest of Wires!

Owning a desktop computer sucks because of the massive amount of wires that comes with it.  Wires for power for the computer and monitor, ethernet, webcam, ect.  Oh my!

At one time, I just had them on the floor but that made it impossible to vacuum  the floor.  At another time (below), I used a plastic storage bin that I used some empty Naked juice cases from work to hold it off the floor.  That was too ugly for me and still hard to vacuum and it required me to tape the wires to my desk.

But now (after), I’m using my file cabinet that I hardly use (just basic storage) and it’s much cleaner.  I took this idea from Lifehacker where someone used a nightstand for this.

Doesn’t remind anyone of those storage bins for video game platforms?  It’s the basic idea behind my new system.


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