07 Sep

Non-Developer Based Community Manager?

A few days ago, I asked this question on Jono Bacon’s forum and I haven’t gotten an answer yet:

Most of the community manger jobs in the Open Source (and Open *) world require the persons in the position to know how to develop, as in to code rather to develop a new non-coding project, if that made sense. But my thought is there is any Open * communities that are not based on development but on other things. If so, may I have some examples? I’m looking for mainly Open Science ones but any can do.

Thank you.

I would like to have insight here also for the non-members of that forum.  You can post your answer in the comments section in instead of joining the forum and answering there.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Non-Developer Based Community Manager?

  1. I’d be rather interested to know too, as and when you get an answer because that’s exactly what I’ve been searching for. In my own case I’m at a stage in my life/career within the open source community that I believe I can make a contribution and dearly want to but don’t yet have the skills on the developer side of things to feel that I can. I realise contributions can be made on documentation and art and such like, but I feel it would also be beneficial if non or novice developers could have a voice within open source projects and contribute to say logistical planning and steering of development as well as provide soft skills such as promotion, marketing, outreach work and even coordinating workflow to free up senior developers from such burdens. And I imagine I’m not alone in feeling almost self excluded from the ‘coalface’ due to an insecurity in my abilities.

    Good question though, it makes me feel rather ashamed that I hadn’t asked it myself. Thank you Svetlana, I shall follow with interest.

  2. As a non-developer, I just wish I could get fixes in a Linux distro for simple things that tend to hang around a long while. For example in Ubuntu 14.04 an item that will probably persist for 14.10, 15.04, etc.: why do I have to click Shut Down twice? Can’t someone else figure that this is just stupid? ‘Reboot’ should have been in the shut down list of options. How many people really have second thoughts after they click the first icon? I thought that only MIcrosoft did this with Windows.

    • The problem is that what you see as a fix, I’d consider to be a break of functionality because it suits me rather well to have the choice to power off or boot into another partition right in front of me rather than go fishing about in some menu for it. It’s a matter of taste, and semantics in that with both options you are in fact shutting down Ubuntu. The Desktop team would tell you, likely is a quite callous way that if it annoys you that much, fix it yourself or find a workaround, and if you’re unwilling or unable to do that then change distos, and it’d be quite hard to argue with that position, but that’s easy to say when it doesn’t bother you. As ever though, if it annoys you it’s likely annoyed someone else who has come up with a workaround; http://www.howtogeek.com/192699/how-to-turn-off-the-shutdownrestart-confirmation-dialog-box-in-ubuntu-14.04/

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