08 Dec

Open * Communities Foundation/Network Idea

NOTE: I know this is offtopic for the Planets that my blog is linked to, but I wanted to get the idea cross to a larger audience.

This idea for a foundation/network/or whatever that focus on the Open * community movement. I don’t know if there is a such a movement or how strong the movement if it exists. What I only know is that Linux Foundation does focus on building Open Source communities.  Or from what I heard from Jono Bacon…

The idea is to create a foundation/network that can focus on the core values as below:

The Core Values of an Open * Community

    • collaboration NOT competition
    • commitment
    • sense of community
    • empowerment
    • And more…

I also intend to include projects (within the foundation/network) such as mentoring, collection of material, advocacy, ect.  Open Badges is another project/idea that I want to try.

My plan to start this is to use Kickstarter or Indiegogo for the startup and maybe Patreon to keep the funds going (I feel like something with be created).  I also know that I will work on networking with other organizations within the Open * world for funding and also members and advisors for the board that will make up the governance.  The plan for the board is to have one (or maybe two) community leaders from each Open * movement/group.

I’m planning to start working on the details and getting them out by the end of this month/year via my blog.  The crowdfunding campaign will most likely start next year.

I hope I can get this idea started or if there is such a group/org, I can get myself working with them to create better Open * Communities.

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