28 Sep

Open Help Conference 2015

This past weekend (Sept. 26 to 27), I was at the Open Help Conference at downtown Cincinnati.  This is my first conference that relates to Open Source, Linux, and FOSS.  I really enjoyed it because it was a small (there was only 20 people who came) and informal (a cross between a class room setting and a get to together) conference.   Most of the folks were from Red Hat or the GNOME team, but there was one from Mozilla, one from a group/company that I don’t recall, and two from Ubuntu Doc Team.  The two from Ubuntu Doc Team was Ted Cox and me.  For both of us, it was our first time.

I wanted to write a summary for each day, but I wasn’t feeling well after on both of the days, so it will be all in this post.

First Day

I was a bit late to the breakfast on the first day because of an accident on the way downtown from West Chester, Ohio and the panic that I was late got me lost to the room that it  was held at.  The breakfast was good and I got to meet the others.  Then we had the first session of the day, which was a workshop on MDN.  Because I only had my tablet with me, I was only able to write a blog post about it and how it can be used to teach Web Lit.  After that, we had lunch and after lunch, we had two sessions; one on AsciiDoc and Mallard.

Second Day

My drive downtown was better than the first day and I had time to do something that I need to get done before heading to the breakfast.  We had two talks before we had lunch, one about the Ten Years of MDN and how to hold successful in-person and/or virtual sprints.  Then we had lunch.  After lunch, we had open discussions and demos.  The discussion topics were meta docs, site generators, feedback forums,  n00bs (which was a presentation about Ted Cox’s experience with the Doc Team as a n00b), and virtual spirits (which came off of the session).


  • Meta Docs should be on a wiki type of setting and should house a “getting started” page and active tasks.
  • AnnotatorJS would prefect for Meta doc review by new users
  • Have a Doc event when having Hack events
  • Make sure you give good feedback when reviewing
  • Asians seem to not like cit

I have more takeways but I think some can be a post.

This conference is one that I would go again and also meet the ones who came outside.

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