07 Sep

Review: First Month of Ubuntu (Touch)

About a month ago, I “vowed” to use Ubuntu on all my devices.  To me, not that many changes (A.K.A updates) have effected what I said in my week one review.  The system is still 99% stable, battery is holding well even with WiFi on for eight hours, no comment on Bluethooth as I haven’t really been using it, and the sound is still load and clear.  As for the system apps, they are stable so far, but that’s another blog post.

The only new thing that I have seen in the recent stable images is the über cool system loading screen.  Finally, it’s like the desktop version and to me, it’s a good move.

Based on these two reviews, I think there is no point of switching back.  It’s only a matter of changing my workflow and my way of life to have Ubuntu fit.

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