03 Jun

Review of System 76 Lemur

As promised, although a week late, I will be talking about my thoughts on the System 76 Lemur that I brought two weeks ago.

The first thing that I will talk about is the power button is a bit too hard to press to get the laptop to start.  It requires a bit more pressure than my last laptop.  The boot-up itself is very smooth and very fast like it should on a new system.  The only problem is that somehow the System 76 splashsreen doesn’t show before Ubuntu starts up.  It’s a minor issue though.

Edit to Add: Here is the reason why there is no splashscreen:

The battery does last a few hours on the brightest screen setting but I haven’t tired to see how long it lasts on other settings.  All of the times that I used the laptop was outside on my deck or on the pouch as you can see below:

2016-05-27 13.18.38

Most of the time, I only used 25% to 30% of the battery, but twice, I drained it down to 50% because I was using Google Hangouts.  But that is normal, because video and voice uses battery.

I have no other comment on the body, fans, keyboard, and trackpad.  It is still a solid powerful laptop.

The only big problem (the other problems are small not important problems) that I faced is Bluethooth connectivity after connecting my Bluethooth device (headphones) to my phone and back to the laptop.  But that is really a Linux problem not a System 76 problem.  Perhaps, I need to buy headphones that I will only use with the laptop.

As for the wireless Internet, I have no comment, yet.

I like said, it’s one sold, awesome laptop built by Linux users for Linux users.  If you have the money and the desire to support a company like System 76, I would suggest that you buy something from them.

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