24 May

System 76 Lemur Unboxing and Initial Use Review

Like many Ubuntu users, I drooled all over getting a System 76 laptop or desktop.  They are built by Ubuntu users for Ubuntu users.  I finally decided to buy one a few weeks ago.


Two Fridays ago, I ordered a System 76 Lemur and it finally came yesterday just 15 minutes before I had to go to work.  I only had time to photograph the unboxing and put it to charge.

The specs on this Lemur are:

Screenshot from 2016-05-21 16-36-24A few upgrades from the base.

The unopened box. I love the fact that it says, “Unleash your potential”. And about the sharp objects to open the packaging is true, you only need to use a sharp object to get the box itself open.

2016-05-23 12.42.21

The packaging See I mean?

The box I simply love how they designed in the inside. It makes me want to create!

Below are some of the images from the unboxing and all the images are here:

Initial Use Review

Just before I went to sleep,  I started it up.  The first time installation is simpler because Ubuntu is already installed and the laptop only needs to know what you need to have it they way you want.  I also ran my  restore script from the backup that I created from my desktop. I allowed it to run when I was sleeping.

Today when I logged in, I found an error in my script, fixed it, committed it, and pushed it on GitHub.  Because of this error, I had to install the needed programs, but that was no biggie.  I haven’t used so much yet (I’m writing this on my desktop) but it runs very smoothly and quietly.

Keyboard and Trackpad

I like the keyboard, it’s sized perfectly for the laptop and my hands.  Typing on it is very smooth.  The only bad thing is that it is not backlit.

Using the trackpad is also smooth and it’s prefect fit.  I also like that there is buttons for left and right click.


The fans are very, very quiet.  No other comment needed.


It’s weight is 3 pounds, but I have no comment.  I love the finish on the laptop.  It’s a gray finish and I thought it was brighter.  I also love how the System 76 logo is raised a bit and centered.  The only problem that I have is that (to me) there is a bit too much flex on the top.

Hopefully in a week, I will have a post after one week of usage in order for me to talk about how the laptop runs.

3 thoughts on “System 76 Lemur Unboxing and Initial Use Review

  1. Svetlana,

    Hi, I kept meaning to read some more of your blog. Just couldn’t sit down cause I have ants in my pants. 🙂

    It looks like a nice Ubuntu system you got there. I always wanted to get an Ubuntu Computer.

    Do you have any advice to give for a Noob Ubuntu user, is it best to buy it out of a box when you first start working with it?


    You should post some of your blogs to the Mozilla Club FB page or discourse 🙂

    • Kip,

      Sorry for the delay, I was aware of your comment but I had no time to respond to it.

      Thanks for reading my blog and the comment! As for you question, it depends on if the Noob user is already a Linux user and wishes to support a company that is built and is for Linux users, I would say that they should go for it, if they have the money. As for a total Ubuntu and Linux user, it would be better if they installed Ubuntu on their computer either side-by-side or alone. But I would advise them to use the Live session to test it out first to see if it’s prefect for them before installing on the harddrive, well, at least for just Ubuntu without dual-booting.

      As for Mozilla, I’m not that active and I still can’t find my place there, though that might change when I work on my new project that kind-of deals with Mozilla Learning.

      I hope that helps,

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