16 Oct

Goals for Z Cycle And Reflection on Goals from Y Cycle

It’s hard to believe that Ubuntu 16.10 is already released (I think I may of lost track of time this cycle) and it seems that it’s time for the next cycle’s goals.  But first, I wish to reflect on the goals from the last cycle.  I found out that I’m (somehow) no mood for coding and/or hacking, but I was able to do something for Linux Padawn, which was Buddy Press, but it needs tweaking to get it to work right.

As for this cycle’s goals, they will be centered around the Grailville Pond project, Ubuntu (Touch), and Linux Padawan:

Grailville Pond Project

Work on the Raspberry Pi as I stated here and also work on a temperature inversion catching script for R.

Ubuntu (Touch)

Work on a demo because I’m planning to go Ohio Linux Fest next year and I want to bring something cool.

Linux Padawan

Work on community building in order to increase the growth and also try to get Buddy Press to work.

Hopefully this time I can complete them.

12 Oct

Ohio Linux Fest 2016


For the last few years, I always wanted to go Ohio Linux Fest (OLF), partly because it’s only two (2) hours away from where I live and one way to meet my fellow Ubuntu Ohio Team members. But what kept me from not coming is my old job before my new one (that I started the week of October 3rd, 2016. So, this year, I finally was able to go!

First Day

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it because I had to work ten hours at my work plus the two(2) hour drive from Blue Ash, Ohio to Columbus where I arrived at eight (8) to my hotel room. I was very tired and ended up taking a small walk, a bath, and went to sleep for the night.

Second Day

I woke up and took a small walk around the Arena District of Columbus an hour before the second (and final) day of OLF. I didn’t go to the keynote, but I meet up with José Antonio Rey and helped set up the Ubuntu booth. I was lucky enough to man the booth and I enjoyed it! I also brought my Nexus 7 2013 tablet with Ubuntu and allowed people to try it with the two Nexus 4’s that we had.



People love the #Ubuntu devices #ohiolinux

CC Elizabeth K. Joseph

Most of the day was manning the booth but I also went to Elizabeth K. Joseph’s, Nathan Handler’s, Stephen McLaughlin’s talks, and the final keynote by Joe and Lily Born. The first two talks I went was mostly for support for my fellow Ubuntu Community Members, as I’m just a basic end user with some Linux command line skills. Plus, I don’t really know what do with Linux as a hobby, but that is slowly changing.

But Stephen McLaughlin’s talk on how (Raspberry) Pi’s are the future sparked my interest very well. As some of you know that I collect data on two ponds at Grailville in order to find out how to organically maintain it. One of the problems is layer temperature inversion in the small pond which means that if fish are placed in, they could die. While I was collecting data, I noticed that the values for pH, ammonia, and phosphate were high. High values equals layer temperature inversion.

I got the idea for using a Pi during Stephen’s talk and I told him it. He liked it and give me a free Pi Zero! Because of this gift, I gave myself a project and a next step for the pond project. I will using the Pi along with a solar panel as the power supply, a waterproof temperature sensor, and maybe a rain sensor to see when it rains and/or tell the Pi to record a few weeks after it rains. I plan to float it in the middle of the pond and data collect during the spring into the fall of next year. Before the spring, I will build and test this before trying to collect data. I will have another post as an update.

I also meet three(3) Ohio Team members including the everyone-thinks-that-he-is-a-robot Unit193. Ohio Team members! Please tell who you are, because I forgot, thanks!!!!

Yay the #Ubuntu crew :D #ohiolinux

The Ubuntu Booth crew CC Elizabeth K. Joseph

At the end of day, I went to the after party where I played Cards Against Humanity for the first time and had cake with gummy Tux’s:

Third Day

On the last day, I went to the Columbus Zoo* with Elizabeth and David. It was a nice and fun zoo. I also had bison for lunch for the first time. After I dropped of the two off back to their hotel, I drove back home.

*CC to Elizabeth K. Joseph

21 Jul

On The State Of Health Of Our LoCos

Over the last year, Miles Sharpe (Kilos on IRC) worked hard on getting the African LoCos united and active again.  Now he is working with two other LoCo’s: ubuntu-bd and ubuntu-pk.

The problem that he found in the ubuntu-bd LoCo is this:

I started with ubuntu-bd and found 3 nicks on the irc channel and no one
responding. There were over 20 applicants waiting for approval on LP. some for 2 years already. So with some help from the LC we found the owner and he came and agreed to get things going again but said those users prefer facebook and later said he was to busy. And their mailing list is for announcements. I am not a fan of mailing lists but find that they are a good way of getting a message out when one has no irc contact with someone. At least the LP applicants are approved now.  He greeted a few times after that and has now withdrawn again, so pavlushka (the failed applicant) has been trying to get things going again.
At times there are 10 nicks in channel and from chatting to them for the last 5 months, I have learned that they aren’t satisfied with the way things are going there.The Ubuntu community spirit is missing.

Taken from here.

And for the ubuntu-pk LoCo:

I then started looking at the ubuntu-pk channel and found it in the same sad state of affairs. After a couple of months an old ubuntu user from pk arrived and was surprised to find any life there and he has been helping regrow the channel. And will apply for Ubuntu membership within a few months. By rights he could have done that years ago imo. But once again the leadership is at fault. Here is his old wiki page

Taken from here.

Both of this examples points to one problem: these LoCos are using Facebook instead of IRC/Mailing-Lists.  Two reasons come up to my mind on why: 1)we are in a new age where social media dominates and 2)these are third-world countries and Internet is expensive.  Because of that, the providers give “free” Internet where the users can only access Facebook and Twitter for free.  In turn, these people of these countries don’t have a sense of what the Internet is really is.  This is where Mozilla Learning aims to educate these people.  But we are not Mozilla, we are Ubuntu and this is not our problem.  Our problem is the health of our Community (looking at Memberships mainly), mainly the LoCos.

One solution is like the Ubuntu Forums system for Membership.  But the problem is how to deal with the applications on Facebook and other social media sites.  One solution is using groups, but that still requires the applicants to have a wiki page, sign the CoC, and the other items for Membership.  And who will oversee the process on these social media sites?

Other LoCos are inactive via the Ubuntu Community or even social media.  The Oceania LoCos are examples. I lied, they are using G+, I need a better example.  The problem with these LoCos is how would new comers be able to join and then find out that there is no one to greet them?  Or even help on rebooting the LoCo?  The solution is come and join #ubuntu-locoteams on irc.feenode.net, where we can help you connect with others of your LoCo or to give ideas on how to reboot your LoCo.

The last group of LoCos are LoCos who have members but they are scattered throughout the country/state.  My LoCo, Ubuntu Ohio, is one example.  One solution to the problem is figure out a common meeting spot and date and meet there.

The bottom line here is that we need to rethink our health of our LoCos as they are source of our Ubuntu Members and it’s a way to connect with others in real life.

EDIT TO ADD: Uniting LoCos in the same continent or country (USA for example) is another solution.

17 Jul

What Programs Do I Use: Diodon

The commands copy and paste are deadly useful, but what if you need to retain what you have copied and pasted after you copied something else?  That’s where clipboard managers come in play.  I know some use gedit/notepad but to me that requires an extra step since one needs to paste the item then recopy it when its needed.

There are programs that allow items to be copied onto a clipboard and then selected from a menu. One such program is Diodon which I use.  It’s an integrated clipboard manager for the Gnome/Unity desktop that has the features that I need.  Ones like:

  • Expendable item list
  • Searchable items via the Dash
  • Automatic paste when item is selected
  • Plug-ins!

If you need one, you can give Diodon a shot.

12 Jul

What Programs Do I Use: Irssi

I use IRC like many people of the Community who uses IRC for most of their text-based business, excluding e-mailing to mailing-list threads or longer pieces of text.  From 2009 to April 2016, I used X-chat.  X-chat was one of the programs that were removed from the main repo of Ubuntu software center.  Simply because it’s not maintained anymore.  I’m aware that there is Hex Chat but it doesn’t work well with my ZNC Bouncer.  Nowadays I use the command-line based IRC client called Irssi.

I haven’t really messed around with the config of the client but I do have set it up to the point where it’s usable.

Like many Open Source programs,  Irssi has scripts to make it more usable and I use a few of them:

11 Jul

The Ubuntu Community Wants YOU to Join the Membership Board!

NOTE: I know that “join” isn’t the correct word in this sense but it makes sense for the title.  And I also know that I should of posted this when the first call was made but I was just burnt out at that time and I was get ready for a trip to Sydney, NSW.

From the call:

As you may know, Ubuntu Membership is a recognition of significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community. To this end, the Community Council recruits members of our current membership community for the valuable role of reviewing and evaluating the contributions of potential members to bring them on board or assist with having them achieve this goal.

We have seven members of our boards expiring from their 2 year terms within the next couple months, which means we need to do some restaffing of this Membership Board.

We’re looking for Ubuntu Members who can participate either in the 20:00 UTC meetings or 22:00 UTC (if you can make both, even better).

Both the 20:00 UTC and the 22:00 UTC meetings happen once a month, specific day may be discussed by the board upon addition of new members.

Currently we have seven (7) nominees and we would like to have at least two (2) more.  Because of this, the deadline is extended to July 25th, 2016.

We have the following requirements for nominees:

  • be an Ubuntu member (preferably for some time)
  • be confident that you can evaluate contributions to various parts of our community
  • be committed to attending the membership meetings
  • broad insight into the Ubuntu community at large is a plus


As a Board member this is why I think it’s worth it to be apart of the Board:

  • It’s a good step for higher level leadership
  • Can help on Community Council elections because you showed that you have/had a position in a  Board
  • It allows you to see the weak points of the applicants and possibly help them on strengthening them
  • It allows you to see what is happening the Community


To nominate yourself or somebody else (please confirm they wish to accept the nomination and state you have done so), please send a mail to the membership boards mailing list (ubuntu-membership-boards at lists.ubuntu.com). You will want to include some information about the nominee, a launchpad profile link and which time slot (20:00 or 22:00) the nominee will be able to participate in.

I wish good luck on those who nominate themselves or others!

Thank you.

07 Jul

What Programs Do I Use: Thunderbird Mail

As I said before, I like to use and support FOSS and one of the other programs that I use is Thunderbird Mail for my e-mails, calendar, and task list.  I tried other e-mail clients, but Thunderbird always stuck with me.  Why?  Because it has good support for multiple e-mail accounts and the addons make it easier to consolidate programs

Like Firefox, I have a two addons to make it more useful in my workflow:

  • Lighting: My calendar and task list.  Because I don’t use G-mail, I don’t need the addon that makes Lighting work with G-mail- I use Fastmail.fm for my e-mail.  Yes!  I pay for my e-mail, but it’s better than trusting Google.
  • Bamboo: A RSS reader.  I’m not sure if I will move on to something where I can sync since I have two devices but this one will do for now.

Thunderbird is a wonderful preinstalled program for users that want an e-mail client.  Try it out!

12 Jun

What Programs Do I Use: Xournal

I stated that I own a drawing tablet where I try to draw/paint, but I also use it to write notes and/or brainstorm. Roughly two years ago I started to think about using Xournal in my workflow as this quote states (taken from here):

It’s only going from analogue to digital. But it’s something that I wanted to do for maybe two years. I was able to finally use my Wacom tablet in November of 2013 when my trackpad (read: laptop’s mouse) stopped working and I had some weird issue with anything that mouse-like on Ubuntu. Luckily, I had my Wacom tablet that was meant for me to do digital artwork, but I never found that I liked my style and gave up for a while. Also, a bit before, one of my Twitter pals, AJ Linux, posted a blog post about note-taking software for Linux and that post introduced me to Xournal. From then (November 2013) to now, I rarely use a mouse with my laptop (the netbook that I have, the 2005 one is a desktop for me), I just use my Wacom tablet. This allows me to hand-write all of my notes for my classes that I take (and amaze everyone around me).

Why Xournal? Because it has more features/tools than the others.  On the screenshot to the right, you can see that I can add photos to the page, add writing to them, use different colors, export to PDF (which the image is from a PDF of the file), a way to draw straight lines, ect.  Simply an amazing program for those who like to handwrite notes on their computers.

This page is from my personal notebook that is five plus pages of notes/brainstorms.  This page details the pros and cons of digital versus analogue.  The photo on the top of the page is from my personal analogue notebook (dated on November 1, 2013) that I rarely use.  I think I only filled up maybe ten pages out of 500 (it’s a FiveStar three subject notebook).   The last time I wrote in it was in September of 2015.  On my digital notebook, I started to write in it in January of this year and my last was written on May 1st of 2016.  I think I will be using the digital notebook more.

I’m also not sure if I will use my phone for notetaking as I have Note Edge.

Here are my other workflow posts containing many redesigns on which programs to use. In fact, the only thing that is changing is the programs that I use to take notes with.  And I feel that GitHub’s Atom will be the new one since I use it for code, but lately for more note taking than coding.  Someday, I will blog about that….

03 May

Ubuntu Membership Board Meet and Greet @ UOS

Sorry for the short notice, but I’m happy to announce that the Ubuntu Membership Board will be hosting a “meet and greet” session at the UOS this week.  We encourage these who seek out getting their membership to come with questions and drafts of your Ubuntu Wiki page .  At least two of the board members will be there and ready to help.  The session is on Thursday at 16:00 – 16:55 UTC .

See you there!

EDIT TO ADD:  It’s a text-based only session.

14 Feb

Ubuntu Leadership Team Is Now A Part Of Ubuntu Community Team

I few weeks ago, I tried to reboot the Ubuntu Leadership team but quickly found out that there is no one or anyone in the mood to do it.  I have decided to merge the Leadership Team’s efforts with the Ubuntu Community Team because of the reason above and also for the reason that Ubuntu Community is an organic community with no hard lines.  The Ubuntu Leadership team’s Lauchpad page, wiki pages, and mailing-list will stay but I stated that, “Ubuntu Leadership Team has merged with Ubuntu Community Team  in order to keep resources focused on leadership”.