09 Mar

Teaching A Classroom Session: Lessons Learned

Last Sunday, I taught the “Getting started contributing to the Wiki docs” classroom session of the Doc Team’s Ubuntu Documentation Day. This was the first time I taught one and I learned some lessons:

  • Have an outline of your lesson ready
  • If possible, have the outline reviewed by someone else in the team to check for erros
  • Have an example to go over and have it for everyone that wants to do it be done by the them
  • Have enough time for pauses and use them for questions
  • It’s okay to still have five (5) to ten (10) minutes left in your session; it can be used for questions
  • You have to PM the Classbot with the commands in order for it to work out the questions and have them posted into the session from the chat channel

I hope these lessons can help others who wants to teach a session.

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