13 Apr

The Ubuntu Sense is Going to Renamed!

Over the last months, I written posts about other things that aren’t related to Ubuntu but still related to Open * (Open Science mainly).  Over the weekend, I decided to get a new domain with Gandi.net and I working with Jason O, a friend of Phill Whiteside, on setting up a self-hosted WordPress for the new domain.  I’m doing this for a few reasons:

  • I want to use my Ubuntu Membership perks to their fullest potential and get a discount
  • I want to rename the blog to something that encompasses a larger scope that I am focusing on
  • I want to play around with plug ins and other features of the self-hosted WordPress
  • I want to have a personal website that can be also professional
  • And the only “I don’t”, is I don’t want to pay that extra $15 to map the domain to my WordPress blog

I said that I have the domain but I didn’t say what the name is- that’s a secret (only between me and Jason) until the new site is up and running!

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