21 Sep

The Use of Open Badges Within Web Literacy

UPDATE: Looks like I didn’t look far enough, here are some.  If you want to help, you can look at this issue.

A week ago, I saw a post on the Mozilla Science Lab blog talking about the group hiring a community manager for Mozilla Leadership Programs*.  The post’s many links got me thinking about web literacy within and outside the terms of how to get more people involved in learning and/or helping the community to grow.  One idea was to use Open Badges, like how this idea is shown below:

I want to focus on the badges for the learners first.  More and more people are coming Online each day but they don’t know anything past Facebook, Twitter, and those social media websites.  The Mozilla Web Literacy group’s goal is to educate these people.  In turn, these people can teach others and even get involved to fight the governments (Google also) who want to make the experience limited and/or to help the communities of Open * to grow.

What these Open Badges can do is to give these people a backpack for these badges that can show the world what they have done and learned.  In turn, these people with this backpack full of badges can be able to get further and achieve greater good.

The second set of people are the helpers and the teachers.  With the pack full of badges, these people can show the world how passionate they are for teaching/helping others.

These badges can be (or I should say should) be tied in the Mozillians system at Mozilla and work along side the vouches.  (By the way, I have a profile there too!)

* Of course I applied to that position. Wish me luck!

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