11 Mar

Tomnod: Crowdsourcing in Use to Find the Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Over the last few hours, I tried out Tomnod, a (fairly new) crowdsourcing site that uses live satellite images for users to search for clues of what happened.  This time it is the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that occurred on March 8, 2014.  I gone through about 260 maps plus two of the maps that others have shared (6060 and another one that I don’t remember) and I found nothing minus the plane like object in the 6060 map that is posted on iCNN.

This crowdsourcing idea is a neat one but there are suggestions that I want to give to the developers of it, some of them I have seen from others:

  • Have a way to view the tags that you have tagged and what other users have tagged
  • Zooming functions are a must
  • Have a way to allow users to switch from large map to large map
  • Have a homepage that has the link to the map
  • Use that homepage to explain the project
  • Also have a “News” page

I hope that this project will help them to find the plane and everyone.  Please pray for them.

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