19 Aug

Ubuntu Membership Pages Update

Back in May 2015, the Membership Board had a UOS session about what we, as a board and others who help us, can help more people to get their Membership.  Two of those items dealt with updating some of the Membership pages.

The first update was to the FAQ page.  We added a question that deals with the non-English speaking community that we have.  The question is:

I do not speak English or my English is weak, can I still apply?

and  the answer is:

For course you can! Simply ask someone you know who can translate for you to come to the meeting.

This should clear up the confusion for these people.

The second update is to the main page.  At our session, we figured out that we were missing the benefits of having a Ubuntu Membership.  We wrote this section to remind our Community that there are benefits for the individuals (such as recognition of significant, sustained, and continued contributions), BUT also to the Ubuntu and Open Source communities as a whole.

As a close, the Membership Board is asking that if you want to become a Member, please apply!

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