25 Dec

Ubuntu on ThinkCentre M93p

First of all, before I start this post, I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  And for those who don’t celebrate it, happy holiday to you!

Speaking of Christmas, one of the presents that I got was a refurbished ThinkCentre M93p.   The first thing that I thought when I opened the box and got the computer out was how small it is.  Below, I posted two photos of it on my desktop when I got it all set up (sorry for the bad quality).  I used my dragon skull trinket box for size comparison.

image20141225_073707171 image20141225_073353153


It came with Windows 7 64-bit (I think, I don’t remember), but I quickly installed Ubuntu 64 bit on it.  It runs great and so far the only issue that I had is a known bug that affects the shutdown process.  But I think, since it’s so quiet, I don’t have a reason to turn it off.

Here are the specs what I have on it:

Screenshot from 2014-12-25 08:33:50

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