14 Aug

Ubuntu (Touch) Week One Review

Last week, I installed Ubuntu on my Nexus 4 and also “vowed” to use my Nexus 7 more. A week passed and I have a review of it:

Battery: Compared to my old phone, during my eight hour shift, the charge level falls at the same rate. On average, it only falls ten (10) percent. Usually, I have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and all apps closed but the brightness level is at automatic.

Sound: Compared to my old phone, the notification sound level, at its highest, is much louder. There was times, on my old phone, that I was not able to hear notification for a text message. But now I can. I do not know if this is a feature of Ubuntu or the phone itself.

BlueTooth: No issues on the phone and the tablet. I bought a mini keyboard to use with my tablet and it works great with the tablet.  Thought BlueThooth and my desktop, that’s a different story.

System: It’s 99% stable, but the other 1% of the time, one of the system apps (like Notes or the Messaging app) will freeze.  Sometimes, it will unfreeze on its own but sometimes, I have to restart the phone.

Hopefully, I will have more thoughts as time goes by but sofar, I’m liking it and I would never switch back.

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