14 Nov

UOS 14.11

During November 12 – 14 2014 was the Ubuntu Online Submit (UOS) 14.11.  I didn’t go to that many sessions as I did for the last one which was less tiring and I also had classes that I had to go to.  The only session that I really focused on was the session that I lead myself, which was the Ubuntu Women Vivid Goals.  I posted the summary HERE.

The track summaries video:

I have learned two lessons during this one:

  • Test hardware before the first session if you want to be in a Hangout.  My netbook wasn’t ready for doing Hangouts.
  • If no one can do the Hangout or host it, doing the session in IRC only is allowed

One thought on “UOS 14.11

  1. I expected to make it to zero sessions and was pleasantly surprised to be able to participate at all. There were a couple sessions Friday I needed to attend but couldn’t, alas. UOS scheduling is tricky.

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