07 May

UOS 15.05

Just an hour ago, the Ubuntu Online Submit (UOS) came to it’s closing.  I was the track lead for “Show and Tell” and “Community” track but I presented the summaries for the “Community” track only as the video shows:

In this UOS, most of the “Community” track sessions, that I went to, focused on improving ways to get more people to get their Ubuntu Membership and get training to become leaders within the Community.

For the Ubuntu Membership session, we talked about promoting the Ubuntu Membership in order to get more people to get their Membership.  A couple of the work items that came out of that session were to ask various teams to write a wiki page on how their contributors can get their Membership with the skills that they use within those teams and to write a wiki page on the Membership pages that explain how does the Membership benefit the Ubuntu and the Open Source Community alike.

And for the Ubuntu Leadership session, we talked about what problems that leaders face and how to solve them.  A few examples of problems are burn out, leaders stepping down, and regional Leaders but not global leaders being more visible.  Some of the solutions thought were: mentoring, documentation, and leaders helping other leaders.

This UOS has given me my goals for the next cycle which to to focus on Membership and leadership.

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