07 Mar

Updating Ubuntu Wiki Teams Page: Seeking For Correct Information

NOTE: I’m deciding to write this here because I feel like I would be reaching more people than just using the Community Team mailing-list or mass e-mailing the core teams of Ubuntu and the flavors.  I’m also aware that the page that I want to work on is lock-downed.  In fact, the whole wiki is but I want to have a head start in order to have the information down for a quick edit rather than hunting down the information.

As some of you all know there is a “Teams” wiki page on the Ubuntu Community wiki that lists all of the core Ubuntu teams, along with the flavors’ main team or page, is a useful resource for new comers to the Community.  But the problem is that the information on that page is incorrect or partly correct- mainly the leaders and the meeting information.

I’m planning to take on this task on updating that page (once the wiki is unlocked for editing).  My first step is to seek out the correct information for each team:

Below is a contact form that each leader or team member can tell me: which team, who are the leaders, what the communication tools are (mainly IRC and mailing-list, I don’t know if others are needed), and meeting information (Meetings (Frequency,Day) as the wiki page states).  You may also comment on this post.

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P.S. If the Mozilla Team doesn’t speak up, I’m planning to remove that team along with the “Other Teams” section as there is not any other team that counts as a “core” team for Ubuntu and/or it’s flavors.

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