4 thoughts on “vBlog Teaser

  1. Hi, just a couple of comments/suggestions.

    I would really be interested in seeing your review of Trusty, including any customizing you have done.

    If you can, please screen cast video from your PC or laptop to go along with your talking points. If you are doing a vlog of yourself talking, the angle of the camera I think should be more level so we dont feel like we are looking up at you.

    You seem a little nervouse (I would be too) – just practice being conversational, maybe even have someone behind the camera that you are talking too so that it feels more natural.

    Good luck…

    • Thanks. The problem is, if I do a review of Ubuntu 14.04 with screencasting, it will kill my netbook because it’s a piece of shit. I did the teaser with my Nexus 7.

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