13 Jun

Volunteering at Grailville For SCIENCE!!!

A week ago, I started to volunteer in real life. Something that I haven’t done in years. The place that I volunteer at is called Grailville, the home of The Grail  of US which is a quasi-religious women’s group. The aim of the group is to bring education, environment, and spiritual transformation.

Before this place, at the other places, I only helped with prep work or to pass things around. This time it’s different. This time I’m working on a project.

Grailville has two ponds on their land. One big pond for cows that are rented and a small pond that is infested with Duckweed and muck. The main project is to measure the pH, ammonia, nitrate, and phosphate in order to figure out how to get those ponds healthy again. Making the small pond healthy is my project.


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The reason I chose to volunteer at Grailville because I was allowed to (kind of) work on my own project, blog about it, and even share the data with others.  While the data isn’t as useful to Grailville, I plan to use it to learn to work with data with R and also as example data for my ELN that I’m planning to code.

I will use my blog to write updates, research thoughts, and other things on this project.

EDIT TO ADD: Here is the GitHub repo.

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