17 Jul

What Programs Do I Use: Diodon

The commands copy and paste are deadly useful, but what if you need to retain what you have copied and pasted after you copied something else?  That’s where clipboard managers come in play.  I know some use gedit/notepad but to me that requires an extra step since one needs to paste the item then recopy it when its needed.

There are programs that allow items to be copied onto a clipboard and then selected from a menu. One such program is Diodon which I use.  It’s an integrated clipboard manager for the Gnome/Unity desktop that has the features that I need.  Ones like:

  • Expendable item list
  • Searchable items via the Dash
  • Automatic paste when item is selected
  • Plug-ins!

If you need one, you can give Diodon a shot.

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