11 Dec

What Programs Do I Use: Manuskript

Like I said, I try to write fiction which I recently realized that what I was planning to write back in 2009 (gave up in 2013) is more of a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) world/realm then an original world (now I decided to make it back to one).  But I never really had a way to organize my thoughts/parts expect with individual word processor or .txt files within folders.  I either outline or just write something down in those files.

Recently I came by a program called Manuskript, which is an Open Source clone of Scrivener.  I took the time to review it by video because I found that it would be hard to do it by text:

I have a playlist where I talk about the app along with me creating a D&D campaign with the program.

The main problem of this program that it looks like the development has stalled and maybe is already dead because, “QT Webkit is depracated [and] may have built it on dying tech” (Darrell Breeden, comments on the story on OMG! Ubuntu).  Hopefully it isn’t because none of the other suggested programs are suited for what I’m trying to do with what I’m working on.

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