29 May

What Programs Do I Use: Mudlet

Like many people, I have different hobbies and also like many, I play computer/video games. But not the extreme, as some though. I do have Steam and my username is senseopennes if you want to add me. I played many graphical games but I tend to get bored of them fast.  I mean it.  I think the longest time that I stuck to a game was one year off and on and that was a MMOPRG (RO or AO, I think).

The only game that I played and still playing is a text-based multi-user dungeon (MUD) called  Armageddon MUD.  It’s a 20 plus year old game that is roleplay enforced, meaning that while you have coded actions, you need to also roleplay out them.  In short, it’s collaborative storytelling.  I think I have played it for 7 years but off and on and my longest live character (it’s perma-death one) lived for close two real life years before I had to store them.  One day, I will write a post dedicated for  Armageddon MUD, something that I said that I was going to do ages ago…

Anyhow, the MUD doesn’t have a client that I can play on, but I use a client called Mudlet:

Screenshot from 2016-05-29 10-44-13

Main screen with Armageddon MUD main screen.

I used three other clients before Mudlet, two for windows back in 2008 – 2009 (MUSH and something else) and one on Ubuntu, which was KClient.  KClient stopped working with  Armageddon MUD after the staff of the MUD moved the server to the cloud.  I did my research from what other players of the MUD were using and found that Mudlet was the most used.  Like most Open Source and Free programs, Mudlet is very customizable but I just use it out-of-the-box.  I have no triggers or keystrokes set up, I don’t need them.  I type out everything.  Someday, I might work on customizing it.

It’s a great program out of the box and you can have multiple profiles and games running at the same time and they can be all saved.  What is great about Mudlet that I like is the fact there is a built-in notepad for notes.  I use it a lot to keep track of things.

I plan to write about MyPaint next week. See you then!

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