05 Jun

What Programs Do I Use: myPaint

While I’m on the topic of hobbies, another of mine is drawing and painting.  Or attempts to do so.  I can both do it on paper or on the computer- I own a Wacom Intuos4 and the program that I mainly use with it is myPaint:

Screenshot from 2016-06-05 18-24-01

It’s a open canvas program meaning that you have unlimited canvas space to draw/paint on.  Plus it has different brushes, some are purely digital-based and some are based from brushes and mediums from real life.

Yesterday,  I used the program for the first time in an year because I wanted to draw something and to try to get back into drawing/painting.  As in the screenshot above, the UX of the program has changed and it looks cleaner and fits in with the Ubuntu default theme.  One feature that saw that they added (that I suggested a few years ago) is the palette.  I’m happy for this because before I had to paint the color that I needed on the canvas, now I can save the color and select it.

My current project is this which is a mix of (delayed) ink (brush) and colored pencil (brush) and a textured background.  The full version is below:


I plan to finish this but I’m also known to not finish any of my works.

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