07 Jul

What Programs Do I Use: Thunderbird Mail

As I said before, I like to use and support FOSS and one of the other programs that I use is Thunderbird Mail for my e-mails, calendar, and task list.  I tried other e-mail clients, but Thunderbird always stuck with me.  Why?  Because it has good support for multiple e-mail accounts and the addons make it easier to consolidate programs

Like Firefox, I have a two addons to make it more useful in my workflow:

  • Lighting: My calendar and task list.  Because I don’t use G-mail, I don’t need the addon that makes Lighting work with G-mail- I use Fastmail.fm for my e-mail.  Yes!  I pay for my e-mail, but it’s better than trusting Google.
  • Bamboo: A RSS reader.  I’m not sure if I will move on to something where I can sync since I have two devices but this one will do for now.

Thunderbird is a wonderful preinstalled program for users that want an e-mail client.  Try it out!

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