12 Jun

What Programs Do I Use: Xournal

I stated that I own a drawing tablet where I try to draw/paint, but I also use it to write notes and/or brainstorm. Roughly two years ago I started to think about using Xournal in my workflow as this quote states (taken from here):

It’s only going from analogue to digital. But it’s something that I wanted to do for maybe two years. I was able to finally use my Wacom tablet in November of 2013 when my trackpad (read: laptop’s mouse) stopped working and I had some weird issue with anything that mouse-like on Ubuntu. Luckily, I had my Wacom tablet that was meant for me to do digital artwork, but I never found that I liked my style and gave up for a while. Also, a bit before, one of my Twitter pals, AJ Linux, posted a blog post about note-taking software for Linux and that post introduced me to Xournal. From then (November 2013) to now, I rarely use a mouse with my laptop (the netbook that I have, the 2005 one is a desktop for me), I just use my Wacom tablet. This allows me to hand-write all of my notes for my classes that I take (and amaze everyone around me).

Why Xournal? Because it has more features/tools than the others.  On the screenshot to the right, you can see that I can add photos to the page, add writing to them, use different colors, export to PDF (which the image is from a PDF of the file), a way to draw straight lines, ect.  Simply an amazing program for those who like to handwrite notes on their computers.

This page is from my personal notebook that is five plus pages of notes/brainstorms.  This page details the pros and cons of digital versus analogue.  The photo on the top of the page is from my personal analogue notebook (dated on November 1, 2013) that I rarely use.  I think I only filled up maybe ten pages out of 500 (it’s a FiveStar three subject notebook).   The last time I wrote in it was in September of 2015.  On my digital notebook, I started to write in it in January of this year and my last was written on May 1st of 2016.  I think I will be using the digital notebook more.

I’m also not sure if I will use my phone for notetaking as I have Note Edge.

Here are my other workflow posts containing many redesigns on which programs to use. In fact, the only thing that is changing is the programs that I use to take notes with.  And I feel that GitHub’s Atom will be the new one since I use it for code, but lately for more note taking than coding.  Someday, I will blog about that….

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