10 Aug

Workflow Redesign (Again!)

Since I have fully made the commitment for using Ubuntu as my only OS for all of my devices, it’s time for me to rethink of my workflow.  Before I was using Zim Wiki as my primary note-taking program along with some hand-written notes using Xournal (I have a drawing tablet) or pen and paper.  Now, I have switched back to Evernote through the Notes app.  I’m modifying my original Evernote workflow  because there are some features that the Notes app doesn’t have as of now.

The new plan:

  • Use the same notebooks as the old plan (including the ones from this plan)
  • Because Notes doesn’t support stacking of notes, I will use tags to keep related notes together and those tags will act like sub-categories/pages
  • I’m moving my task list from Thunderbird/Lighting to Notes, but keeping each sub-category and titling those notes “To Do List”.
  • As for projects, the task lists will be those notes.
  • I will use reminders for tasks with due dates and a tag called “Reminder” to find them quickly.

Hopefully, this will work out as I want to try to whole covertance (SP) story for myself.

NOTE: You need to add the PPA, ppa:ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/daily,  to your system’s Software Sources and than updating your software to get the app to work after installing the Notes app (search “Reminders”).  The package in the software center is outdated and doesn’t work.

3 thoughts on “Workflow Redesign (Again!)

  1. Why not use the web based Client if you are familiar with Evernote?

    For to do lists I really like Todoist. I use the Chrome app on Ubuntu and native apps on everything else.

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