Back to Ubuntu Touch!

Over the last month, I thought about buying a new phone and the thought process was this:

The phone must be/have:

  • A non-Samsung or iPhone While they are best of the best, they are just over advertised. Plus, they cost above my pay rate.
  • Privacy, please It's something that we have, as a whole, thrown away. Also, that FaceTime bug is scary.
  • It needs to be simple I'm still leaning on using my computer for my work. I only use my phone to make calls, text, and check my e-mail and Twitter.
  • It needs to be rootable What if I want to switch back to Android? Plus, how would I of switched to Ubuntu Touch in the first place? If I were to switch back to Android, I would use the stock ROM- no need for bloat-ware.

I decided to buy a Nexus 5 and put Ubuntu Touch on it. I used to have a Nexus 4, but it was water damaged. I bought it because I wanted a bigger screen although I think based on the usage, the Nexus 4 would of worked.


I don't recall if I wrote a proper review on Ubuntu Touch, but I will here. Like as I said I don't really use my phone and I will not be reviewing the convergence part.


Installation was much easier after Ubports took over the project because they added a GUI method to flashing Ubuntu Touch on devices. The the only problem that I found is that Nexus 5 wasn't found automatically. Luckily, the installer has a manual selection.


Overall, it's a nice and stable system. I don't see any major changes from when I last used it. The one thing that I love is the fact you can respond to messages from the indicator menu. The only bad thing is that the Weather app doesn't work outside the box. You will have to update it from the Ubuntu Open Store.


The Apps I have on my Ubuntu Touch are:

  • Base, pre-installed apps minus Notes I don't use Evernote but I may need a basic noting taking app. The others are needed for everyday life.
  • Active Screen It replaces the "always on while charging" setting from Android. I may have use for it, but I don't yet.
  • Circle Message It's there for motivation.
  • Morph Browser While it's one of the base, pre-installed apps, it the most powerful app on the Ubuntu Touch. Most of the apps that I used on my Samsung Galaxy Edge are web-based apps, such as Twitter and e-mail.
  • Talaan It's a pretty good check-list app.
  • UT Tweak Tool Because there are some settings that aren't found the system settings, such as turning off the launcher.


My lockscreen looks like this:

Media PC

I forgotten that, in my house, I have big screen TVs and an unused ThinkCentre- and what prefect use for those two things? Watching Twitch/YouTube/Movies on the big screen! A week ago, I set up my ThinkCentre media PC and I found that it's a nice set up for Ubuntu Linux. It could be better because the DisplayPort connection doesn't stay stable if the computer is left on. It will go back to the computer's speakers after awhile. The only solution at this time is to restart the computer. I also found out that there are no senors on the ThinkCentre but if you watch from a distance and/or with load volumes, you will not hear the fan.

My current set (below) up is the TV hooked up with a full HDMI cable that goes to a switcher. I have this because I also have a Nintendo Switch hooked up to the TV by it's own full HDMI cable in the one of the ports of the switcher. In the other port, a HDMI/DisplayPort connects the ThinkCentre. A powerline adapter provides internet since the computer doesn't have a wireless network card and a Logitech media keyboard. The Ubuntu installation is a minimal 18.04 LTS installation with no extra programs expect I transferred my Firefox settings from my laptop and changed the homepage to Twitch.

Hopefully I will have fun watching things on the big screen, which I haven't done forever!

Setting Up Git Pages With Domain

After a week or so of trying to get the custom domain to work with Git Pages from Git Hub, I got it to work. Once again, it was from not doing my homework on how domains work as from what I bolded in the e-mail that Dante A. from's customer support. But I can't blame myself on doing my homework.

Hello again,

Here is the current configuration of your DNS Records:

Github 1800 IN A

Github 1800 IN A

Github 1800 IN A

Github 1800 IN A

blog 10800 IN CNAME

webmail 10800 IN CNAME

www 10800 IN CNAME

If you want this to be available at your bare domain and 'www' subdomain, you should change these records to the following:

@ 1800 IN A

@ 1800 IN A

@ 1800 IN A

@ 1800 IN A

blog 10800 IN CNAME

webmail 10800 IN CNAME

www 10800 IN CNAME

The '@' A record represents your bare domain. Please make these changes to the records and allow for them to propagate. Once done, your site should point to the Github page as expected.


\o/ Dante A. G

Hopefully there will not be anymore issues with my site and blog.

December 27, 2018 Update

As I said in the December 2018 update, the Wetlands pages live on this blog for the ease of viewing the markdown files. Some of the pages are combined because they are related to each other and the flow is better. An example is the write up and the findings are under write ups now because the findings were really from the research about the two ponds themselves from official sources. I also looked at what I have done and I found that I didn't do that much as I wanted to. Lucky I'm doing this a volunteering thing rather than for school, so that means I don't have a deadline for when I need the work done. Well, maybe a deadline but one that isn't so strict which will be made for sometime next year.

I also added a page that lists the programs where I link the official information sites/pages and my reviews.

December 2018 Update

I moved my landing page again but to a better place: to this blog! I realized that I'm paying Linode to simply host two pages and images, which is a waste of $7 a month. Luckily, I got my money back from the credit that I had.

Earlier this month, I started to work on moving all the images used in posts and the two pages from the servers of linode back onto my computer in the SenseOpenness folder; which is the nikola folder for my blog.

What's New

  • Off-topic Rambles live on the main blog. I found that I don't write so many of them and it's easier to maintain one site/blog.
  • Categories are only used. In order to be consistent, these categories will be used: Open Source, Open Science, Off-topic, News. I'm planning to work on descriptions for each of them and have the categories page display them.
  • Other Personal Links live in footer. To me, it looks better when the links are in vertical line rather than in a horizontal line. Plus, they are on all of the pages now.

What's Next

  • Different Theme. I might change the colors of the theme that comes with the basic theme or I will play around with another.
  • My wetlands work will live on the site. This is for the ease of reading the markdown files.

Lessons Learned

  • Read the instructions!!! If I read the instructions, things would be simpler.

Nov 12, 2018 Update

Sorry for my inactivity on on my blog, I was busy with real life.


The season ended a few weeks and I realized that I analyzed the data the wrong way the last two seasons. Or rather I was clueless on how to do it. The main reason why (I think) is my sample size is very small and it's point data, where I collected the specimens at the same time (almost) every week, rather than 24/7 data. Before I write the final write-up, I will do research on how to analyze the data. I'm thinking about starting out on Public Lab and branch from there.


I lost all of my energy/will to do something in the Community. This is partly from the fact that I tend to drift around on the Internet and I go through periods of doing things. The only thing that I'm still doing is using Ubuntu and FOSS.

Speaking of FOSS, I started to use CherryTree for my planning/keeping track of things for my tabletop roleplaying games. I made a video about CherryTree.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Review

Resisting change can be a blessing and a cruse and resisting changing to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is a cruse. While I'm sad that I leaving Unity behind, due to some issues on 16.04 LTS, I'm glad that I decided to switch. Though I do miss Unity.

I decided to do a minimal install instead of a full one because there are many programs that I do need. I only need Firefox, PDF Reader,video player, and the core system programs. The rest of the programs that I need, including ReText and the System76 drivers, aren't included in the full install. Over the last years, I noticed that I don't use LibreOffice or the music player.

The Good

  • Minimal installation option
  • Calendar apps such as GNOME Calendar and Evolution are better integrated with the top panel. Though it would be cool to see To Do tasks

The Bad

  • ReText is not integrated in the dock, it opens another instance on the dock, if favored.
  • Nautilus doesn't have the integrated bookmarked folders in the dock when right clicked on the icon
  • No recent files on the Dash of the dock (can't think of the term)


RLCS 5 Season = Mehest Season

I said that I'm a fan of watching Rocket League as a E-Sport and I watched most of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) from the LAN of Season 2 to (as the time of writing) the regionals of Season 5. At the beginning of Season 3, I was hyped to watch each week and that stayed until Week 3 of Season 5. Season 5 was just the mehest season.

I'm aware that I do phase out of things pretty quickly and I think this is one of those things.

Reasons Why

No RLCS Overtime Show

I enjoyed watching the VOD of RLCS Overtime because I liked hearing the casters' afterthoughts on the matches of the past weekend since I don't follow Rocket League news outside RLCS. I don't know why they didn't decide to do it this season perhaps it's because they have a new studio.

Karma being the only female pro

Rocket League like all other E-sports are male dominated but there are at least one female pro. The one that I can name is Karma of Splyce. She grinded since (I think) Season 2 and she and her teammates finally made it to the Rival Series. After the play-ins, they only won two of their seven games. I feel like the pressure on Karma being the only female pro in the season. Or maybe the other teams got stronger.

Same players/teams every season

Sure, I do enjoy watching players being amazing or their growth but the problem is when they weaken it hurts to watch them play and lose. Plus I like seeing new rookies.

No Player Rewards (sorry for the lack of the right word) for top in stats

I'm just a casual watcher and I don't keep track of stats or follow someone who does. Because of this, I lose track of stats and who is in the lead for certain stats.

No Team Stats during the five minute break between matches on game day

Again for the same reason as above.

Some of the Top 5's were poorly picked

This is a minor reason but this video's comments explains why. This tweet is the biggest reason on why I included this reason:

Seasons are too short

Other E-Sports championships are much longer than five weeks of league play and a LAN. For some reason, this season went by really fast.

Hopefully next season is better. Who knows.

ReText Review


As I said in the last post, I found a great Markdown editor called ReText. I decided to write a review on the program, but for that, I wanted to show what preferences I have on. I'm not sure if those would effect the review.

The Review



I'm giving UX a 7.5/10. Reason number one is there is no find/find-replace button on the tool bar. The next reason is there is no way to customize the tool bar. The third reason is the line counter hides the text when text is in that corner of the screen

but it fades out when cursor is on it

Next is the symbols need to be defined; I don't really use symbols and some of those, such as & larr ; (without spaces); I don't know. I Last but not least, the images don't show up on the live previewer. I have to use Markdown Preview, a web-based tool to check the images.


I'm giving performance a 10/10 because it only uses less than 100 MiB of memory and I had no big issues with it yet.


I'm giving features a 10/10 because as you can see:

  • It can export in HTML, ODT, and PDF

  • It can have multiple documents open in tabs

  • It can view other plaintext files

  • Fullscreen works in the latest version

  • Table editing/formating is much easier

  • It has auto-fill for numbered and un-numbered lists

  • It has a live previewer and a normal one

  • It can show where the white spaces are

  • It can show what line you are on

  • It allows you to move lines up or down with a click of a button or a keyboard shortcut

  • It can show what line number you are on

  • It can auto-save documents and auto-open last documents on start-up with window geometry from the last session

  • It allows reStructuredText editing with previewer along with the default Markdown editing

  • It has a spell-checker

  • It has a HTML code viewer of the document that is opened

  • It can show what directory the file is sitting in

  • It can insert certain symbols in text, for example: ←

  • It has other features that are cool


Overall, I'm giving ReText a 9/10 because the features and the performance wins out over the UX.

Blast in the Past 2

Back in September of 2013, I wrote a post about who I was back in the 2000's. The other day, I was thinking about what I was doing 15 years ago which took me back to 2005 and based on that post, that was during being on deviantArt (dA), Neopets, Furcadia and my Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon and Megaman EXE fandom period. This was also a year before I built my first custom computer with my dad and getting my first drawing tablet. I'm not trying to summarize that post or shameless plugging it for you all to read. Instead I want to do a response to it because I clearly feel that there are places where I didn't explain myself well.

Forgot to add: The game Puzzle Pirates by ThreeRings Design taught me to type in proper English around 2005-2006 after I build my computer. I was just standing in (I think) the Dragon’s Nest’s Inn and watching how players were speaking. And one caught my eye and I started to copy of that player. The only thing is I can’t find any examples of my improper English. I think that was on Furcadia when I was on it before 2005.

This quote is half true. i may of had improper english (as an example), but it only showed when I played MMOPRG's. What I had, like most kids, was inmaturarty (example 1 and example 2 mainly the journal entires and the Devious Information). I also copied how other deviants did their journal entries.

Based on what I was doing back in the 2000's, it seemed that I wanted to create Online content. Which did translate into the 2010 decade. The proof is in this quote, "I think I also wanted to write stories and comics for the online Neopets newspaper". What I didn't really do was to follow through, but I can't really blame myself- I was a kid and I didn't care about the lore of Neopets. Which is a shame because I could of learned how to write fan-fiction, which could of lead to fiction writing.

Regardless on what I could of done, what I did back than shaped me into who I am now. After building Neopets pet pages and creating blogs/sites, that made want to own a domain from very early on. Which I finally have. But I don't know how much of the 2000's me is left. The only thing that I know is that my drawing/painting style hasn't changed and the will to content creation is still strong, maybe stronger than ever.