And We Are Back...

... FOR GOOD! And with major changes!

What Changed?

After almost a year and two or three months, I finally got my blog running again and not with WordPress. Wordpress and JetPack/VaultPress plug-ins gave me enough headaches mainly from restoring a backup from another server/host to a new server/host. Lucky nothing was lost, content (thank you Internet Archive!) or money (I was able to get a full refund for both JetPack and Simple Hosting by Gandi, which I switched to).

I saw a post by Bryan Quigley about a static site generator called Nikola. Along with the reasons on why Bryan Quigley picked to use Nikola minus the WordPress import, the two main reasons why I picked Nikola is the ability to write posts/pages in Markdown and in my favorite text editor (gedit) and the ease of first time start-up and use. I decided to not use GitLabs though or Cloudflare. If you want to try Nikola on Ubuntu, Martin Wimpress wrote a great guide.

I still have tweaks to make to the blog/site but I wanted to share the news with you.

Other Updates

Not that much happened over the down time, but I do have some updates to share.

Grailvillie Wetlands

Data collection season ended a month ago and, like always, I'm working on researching possible solutions- but this time for the Clermont Park Distinct (still under Grailville) since the Grail sold the north side of Grailville to them. I have another season to data collect because it's a two year proccess for the transfer. Sad news, but at least I have a say in what they can do with the ponds. At least the land is going to good hands.


Due to the lack of free time that I had, I stepped down from the CC. Mainly because I was missing the meetings because of my work schedule. There is another reason but it's something that I don't wish to share publicly at this moment in time.

A week before the recent Ubuntu release, I tried that said release and disliked it. The reason is simple, I may be resisting change. At least I wasn't the only one who disliked it. These people use a sub-forum on the site for discussions. I invite those who want Unity 7 to maintained to join. There is also a Launchpad team.

I also want to share two articles on this topic: