December 2018 Update

I moved my landing page again but to a better place: to this blog! I realized that I'm paying Linode to simply host two pages and images, which is a waste of $7 a month. Luckily, I got my money back from the credit that I had.

Earlier this month, I started to work on moving all the images used in posts and the two pages from the servers of linode back onto my computer in the SenseOpenness folder; which is the nikola folder for my blog.

What's New

  • Off-topic Rambles live on the main blog. I found that I don't write so many of them and it's easier to maintain one site/blog.
  • Categories are only used. In order to be consistent, these categories will be used: Open Source, Open Science, Off-topic, News. I'm planning to work on descriptions for each of them and have the categories page display them.
  • Other Personal Links live in footer. To me, it looks better when the links are in vertical line rather than in a horizontal line. Plus, they are on all of the pages now.

What's Next

  • Different Theme. I might change the colors of the theme that comes with the basic theme or I will play around with another.
  • My wetlands work will live on the site. This is for the ease of reading the markdown files.

Lessons Learned

  • Read the instructions!!! If I read the instructions, things would be simpler.