March 2018 Update

Hello World! February and March been crazy months for me and I wanted to write a quick update:


I made two major updates to the blog.

Tags Rather Than Categorizes

I have decided to use tags instead of categorizes as Nikola doesn't allow comma separated categorizes. I have found that tags summarize posts better and more is better than one. I also have two posts to write about two programs that I use, which are MPV and CherryTree.

Personal Links Page

I decided to get rid of the links list on the footer as I realized how many other profile pages that I have and I want to include all of them. Instead of a footer, I created a personal links page and organized them based on what type of site it is. I also added my Telegram link.

Grailville Wetlands

Last month, I finished the data analysis for the two and half data collection seasons and reported the data through a paper, restructured the repo, and updated the index page. Most of the lessons that I learned throughout the course of time was more on the Open Science side of things; mostly with how to set up a repo on GitHub and maintaining it. I also gave the materials that are in the repo to Grailville for their archives. As of February 2019, I call the project done, although I may come back to it and work on the research portion of it or even work with the data in R to see if I can replicate the analysis.

As an afterthought, I should called it Project Duckweed as a short name for the project!

Open Science/Citizen Science

I'm still drifting with in the communities of Open Science and citizen science trying to find to work on community development and/or engagement and I haven't had any luck. I had more leads but no go mode yet. The main lead is from the Citizen Science Association with their working groups. As of now there is not much about these groups but I heard from a Board member that more information will be coming.


I was thinking why I'm having a hard time getting back into volunteering Online is either my weak skill in search kung-fu or place that has a good resource list. In response, I Tweeted this:

then after while, the thought of “oh wait, there is Wikipedia!” came to mind where I posted the same question/though on their mailing-list. And I made the newbish mistake of asking a question where the answer could of been found from doing my homework as the answer stated. I replied admitting that I made the mistake and also the one that I posted to the meta Wikipedia which is the community side of Wikipedia.

I will take on this advice and start working that on that. As a new contributor, I should take the advice of working on the low-hanging fruit rather than starting big.


I starting back at square one as I have when I first started volunteering Online in the Ubuntu Community where worked on keeping the Ubuntu Women and the main wiki up to date. But this time, I feel that I have limited information about the happenings in the Open Science/Citizen Science sector. Also, working alone, while it's okay, is a bit against the values of Open *, collaboration. I'm working on finding people with in the said sector to help me to look through the Wikipedia pages within the sector. If you want to help, please contact me via e-mail ( or via Twitter DM or Telegram.

The next step that I see is to work on a roadmap and maybe post it here for everyone to understand what I'm trying to do. Look for that next month!