Nov 12, 2018 Update

Sorry for my inactivity on on my blog, I was busy with real life.


The season ended a few weeks and I realized that I analyzed the data the wrong way the last two seasons. Or rather I was clueless on how to do it. The main reason why (I think) is my sample size is very small and it's point data, where I collected the specimens at the same time (almost) every week, rather than 24/7 data. Before I write the final write-up, I will do research on how to analyze the data. I'm thinking about starting out on Public Lab and branch from there.


I lost all of my energy/will to do something in the Community. This is partly from the fact that I tend to drift around on the Internet and I go through periods of doing things. The only thing that I'm still doing is using Ubuntu and FOSS.

Speaking of FOSS, I started to use CherryTree for my planning/keeping track of things for my tabletop roleplaying games. I made a video about CherryTree.