Open Cit Sci Pages Update on Wikipedia April 2019 Update

I received a overwhelming, positive response from week one of my introductory e-mail (and blog post) about updating citizen science and Open Science pages on Wikipedia. Thank you to all who agreed to help! I learned that there is more than updating the pages and adding the missing ones.


• I started the navbox with the basics that I know. There are hidden topics under the "Topics" header that need have pages to. I based them of the working groups from Citizen Science Association site as I feel that the Association is the umbrella organization for citizen science

• The talk of starting a WikiProject or Task Force is happening

• A page for Citizen Science Association was created

Next Steps

• Start grading the articles within the Citizen Science category

• Write the proposal for the WikiProject/Task Force

In the future, the other suggestions that I saw on the talk page of the roadmap will be focused on.