RLCS 5 Season = Mehest Season

I said that I'm a fan of watching Rocket League as a E-Sport and I watched most of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) from the LAN of Season 2 to (as the time of writing) the regionals of Season 5. At the beginning of Season 3, I was hyped to watch each week and that stayed until Week 3 of Season 5. Season 5 was just the mehest season.

I'm aware that I do phase out of things pretty quickly and I think this is one of those things.

Reasons Why

No RLCS Overtime Show

I enjoyed watching the VOD of RLCS Overtime because I liked hearing the casters' afterthoughts on the matches of the past weekend since I don't follow Rocket League news outside RLCS. I don't know why they didn't decide to do it this season perhaps it's because they have a new studio.

Karma being the only female pro

Rocket League like all other E-sports are male dominated but there are at least one female pro. The one that I can name is Karma of Splyce. She grinded since (I think) Season 2 and she and her teammates finally made it to the Rival Series. After the play-ins, they only won two of their seven games. I feel like the pressure on Karma being the only female pro in the season. Or maybe the other teams got stronger.

Same players/teams every season

Sure, I do enjoy watching players being amazing or their growth but the problem is when they weaken it hurts to watch them play and lose. Plus I like seeing new rookies.

No Player Rewards (sorry for the lack of the right word) for top in stats

I'm just a casual watcher and I don't keep track of stats or follow someone who does. Because of this, I lose track of stats and who is in the lead for certain stats.

No Team Stats during the five minute break between matches on game day

Again for the same reason as above.

Some of the Top 5's were poorly picked

This is a minor reason but this video's comments explains why. This tweet is the biggest reason on why I included this reason:

Seasons are too short

Other E-Sports championships are much longer than five weeks of league play and a LAN. For some reason, this season went by really fast.

Hopefully next season is better. Who knows.