Why Nikola

As I stated previously, I switched from WordPress to Nikola for hosting my blog. Here, I want to explain more in depth on why Nikola is, to me, the best choice for a static generator.

Over WordPress

Over that year when my blog was down, I think WordPress made some changes with their WordPress importer and I wasn't able to import from my backup file that I had. That's one reason there. I can list the other reasons along with the reasons stated on the Nikola's official site:

  • There is a built-in way to write in Markdown and have it phrased.

  • A text editor of your own choice is used. Some times that is better than the web based editor.

  • The files are stored locally and on a server.

  • GitHub/GitHub Pages/GitLab can be used to host.

  • The themes are better becuase they don't have the side bar on the left-hand side.

Over Jekyll

I also considered using Jekyll, but I found it harder to use as a first time user of Jekyll and also for static site generators. Also (I think), your file formats for posts must be in a certain way.